Have you been told by other auto glass companies that you should replace your windshield when you see a chip? Many auto glass companies discourage doing an auto glass repair in a windshield saying the chips will crack further. But the truth is, it’s more expensive to replace the whole windshield, which means more profit for them. If you want to deal with a reputable McDonough, Hampton, Stockbridge, Griffin or surrounding city auto glass repair company that will shoot straight with you then call 678-519-2533.

At Sunnyside Glass North we can successfully complete your windshield repair in the Riverdale, Fayetteville, Smryna & Metro Atlanta areas as long as the rock chip is smaller than a quarter size in diameter, and windshield cracks are no longer than a dollar bill. Your windshield repair should only be performed by a trained, certified technician in windshield repair, and that’s what we have at Sunnyside Glass North.

Why get your windshield chip fixed?

The sooner you get a windshield repair on your car, the less your rock chip will spread, saving you both time and money in the long run. With the strange weather we have here in Georgia it could be 30 degrees one day and 90 degrees the next, which causes a lot of stress on your windshield chip and it can spread quick. Windshield repair McDonough, Hampton, Stockbridge, Griffin or surrounding city and auto glass repair in Flower Mound and surrounding cities will:

  • Reduce the actual circumference of the chip by 50 – 90%
  • Keep the rock chip from cracking or spreading any further
  • Ensure the structural integrity of your windshield
  • Improve the view out of your windshield


The average cost of a quality windshield is around $175 if we have it in stock. Sunnyside Glass  can save you time and money with windshield repair for as little as $50.


We take all the hassle out of having to drive to a shop by offering free mobile service for windshield repair McDonough, Hampton, Stockbridge, Griffin or surrounding city, as well as windshield replacement, and headlight restoration. In most cases, we can provide you with same-day auto glass repair service.

Rockchip repair

Types of windshield rock chips and cracks

There are several different types of chips and cracks that can occur on your windshield and that can be repaired by our windshield repair team.

  • A star break usually occurs from a rock hitting the windshield. It can look like a small x or even just a little sliver and can obscure your vision if right at eye-level.
  • A combo break can look like a star break but with more cracks and dents and are usually caused by a larger stone or rock hitting the windshield.
  • A Partial bulls eye and a bulls eye are some of the most common rock chips that can be repaired. They contain damage marked by a dark circle inside a cone with an impact point.
  • A short windshield crack is a single line of six inches or less.
  • A long crack is a single line of more than six inches.
  • An edge crack is any crack that extends to en edge or your windshield.

Windows won’t rollup we can fix it:





  • Regulator repairs
  • Window motor repairs
  • Window switch repairs

We fix all your autoglass needs fast and affordable.
Most repairs take less than 1 hour.
Most insurance companies allow policyholders to make nof fault claims for windshield repairs. That means its FREE!
We can waive up to $100 of your deductible!

Give Sunnyside Glass a Call today to get your Windshield repaired now!