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At Sunnyside Glass in Atlanta, we offer efficient auto glass repair service at off-site locations such as your home’s driveway or a supermarket’s parking lot. When the windshield of your vehicle has a chip or is completely broken, don’t try to drive it. Driving without a windshield is dangerous in several ways, including:

Being hit by flying projectiles
• The increased dangers from a vehicular accident
• Injuries caused by weather conditions such as lightning

In addition, it is often illegal to drive without a windshield, leading to a ticket from a police officer or having your vehicle impounded.

Provide the Correct Information For Efficient Auto Glass Repair

Fortunately, auto glass repair Union City technicians are available on a 24-hour basis to fix or replace a windshield on any type of vehicle. When you contact us for auto glass repair, make sure to tell us your current location, telephone number and type of vehicle. In addition, you can give us your vehicle insurance information so that we can bill your insurance company for services immediately.

We Know How To Replace or Fix Windshields

With our company, auto glass repair service is quick and easy because we have the correct equipment to remove an old windshield from a vehicle before replacing it with a new windshield. We are able to use the proper adhesives when we install a windshield, and our technicians will test the glass to ensure that is in place.

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Alternatively, we can fix a chip in a windshield by injecting clear resins between the panes of glass. In most cases, you can’t see where there was any damage after our technicians fix a windshield chip. Contact our auto glass repair Union City technicians today at 678-842-3602