3 Typical Problems With Rear Windshields 

The rear windshield is located at the back of your vehicle. Its purpose is to help hold the frame of the car together. It provides a seal for the interior, which protects you and your passengers. Glass in the rear windshield is subject to common issues, such as leaks, that may require that it be repaired or replaced. Rear windshield replacement often takes longer than front windshield repair. You should always have the work done by a professional.

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While it is possible to experience a rear windshield crack, the glass will usually break when it gets hit with rocks or other road debris. An accident will often shatter the back window, which will then disintegrate into tiny pieces like sand. This protects occupants from injury.


Although it is rare, rear windshields can develop leaks. This can occur due to an antenna, rust or a glass defect. In some cases, there may be a problem with the seal allowing moisture to come inside the vehicle. If you can hear air in the back of the car while driving, there is likely to be a water leak, and you should take the car in for rear windshield repair.

Replacement Details
When the rear windshield has been shattered, the remains must be thoroughly vacuumed up before the new glass is installed. The cleaning process also involves disconnecting the defrost grid and other devices in order to get all of the shattered glass. This rear windshield replacement job can be done quickly by experienced technicians.

Replacement Steps
Rear windshield repair requires several steps. Your technician will ensure the work is done fast in order to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. The steps taken during a repair include the following:

• Damage inspection. The technician will examine the broken glass and determine if there is other work that needs to be done before glass replacement.

• Disconnection and removal of the grid. The defrost grid and other tech devices in your vehicle will be disabled and removed for the cleaning process.

• Cleaning and vacuuming. If the glass has shattered, all of the tiny pieces must be vacuumed up from every area of the car.

• Replacement. The new glass will be professionally installed and inspected for quality.

• Reconnection and testing. The grid and other devices will be reconnected and tested to ensure they are in proper working order.

• Final clean up. The vehicle will be cleaned one last time before being returned to you.

If you see a rear windshield crack, make an appointment with a repair specialist immediately to avoid shattering or any other problems.

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