Sometimes, while driving, a rock or piece of debris will hit your windshield and leave a crack. That crack is called a rock chip.

Once you have one of these, it’s important that you look to rock chip windshield repair. This is especially if it’s during the winter.

What is Rock Chip Restoration?

This is a process that involves certified professionals using equipment like resin to restore your windshield. Besides fixing the glass, another benefit of rock chip repair is that it is pretty affordable. However, there are more urgent reasons to repair rock chips.

Why is Rock Chip Restoration Important?

Unrepaired rock chips are unsafe because:

  • during an accident, the roof could collapse
  • it obstructs vision
  • after a wreck, front passengers could crash through the windshield
  • it’s illegal in certain states
  • the windshield could break from a deployed airbag
  • dirt and water can get trapped in the cracks, causing more damage and making it more difficult to repair later
  • the rock chips can get bigger or even shatter the entire windshield if you drive through enough bumps in the road

The main reason for obtaining windshield repair is to protect you and your passengers.

Why is Rock Chip Restoration Important in Winter?

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Rock chips can potentially get bigger from water and debris. Unfortunately, they can get larger much faster in the frigid temperatures of winter. When the cracks become great, so does the windshield damage.

A lot of the mentioned hazards above can occur during winter. However, they are a lot worse due to strong, freezing winds and storms. Ice and snow can easily get stuck in those rock chips.

If you’re on your way to rock chip repair and you don’t want any more rock chips, then follow these steps:

1. Watch your speed, especially on gravel roads. Rocks can be kicked up by your tires and cause windshield damage.

2. Keep your distance from trucks and fast cars. They can also kick up small rocks that hit your windshield.

3. Be wary of any road debris. It may not seem like it, but driving over litter on the road could make small pieces fly up and cause windshield damage. Try not to drive over road rubble.

You don’t have to only apply these rules on your way to rock chip repair in winter. They can be used to avoid rock chips in general.

Even if you do what you can to prevent impairment to your windshield, rock chips can still occur. When this happens, contact us for windshield repair. You could also have a specialist check to make sure you don’t have any rock chips that are initially difficult to notice.

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